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Affordable Storage with One-Click Tech Support

Setup, ongoing management, and enhanced support are key to providing value in any storage solution. That’s why EMC has taken the time to ensure that the VNXe series meets these requirements through it’s extensive software advantages.


VNXe’s integration with Unisphere, EMC’s user-friendly storage management platform, gives you access to:

  • 24×7 one-click tech support
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Health and performance alerts
  • Simple user interfaces to perform all your block and file-oriented operations

With this integrated support ecosystem, you’ll diagnose issues automatically and resolve them quickly and efficiently without having to worry about storage costs.

VNXe models start at less than $10k. Price out your configuration today!

EMC VNXe pricing



EMC Annouces Unity

May 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in EMC | News | Unity - (0 Comments)

The Ultimate in Storage Simplicity and ValueEMC Unity


EMC Unity Appliances

EMC’s new Unity product line sets new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, a modern design, affordable prices, and flexible deployment – to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

With simplified ordering, all-inclusive software, new differentiated features, internet-enabled management, and a modern design, Unity is where powerful meets simplicity. The Unity family consists of:

  • Unity (purpose built): A modern midrange storage solution, engineered from the ground-up to meet market demands for flash, midrange affordability and outrageous simplicity. The Unity platform is available in four All-Flash and four Hybrid configurations.
  • VBLOCK (converged systems): Unity will be available in VCE VBLOCK and VxRack configurations within 90 days of the Unity GA.
  • UnityVSA (virtual): UnityVSA allows the advanced unified storage and data management features of the Unity family to be easily deployed on a VMware ESXi server, for a software defined’ approach.

All three deployment options enjoy one architecture, one interface with consistent features and rich data services.

Unity is the only unified storage system that successfully meets all 4 requirements of today’s midmarket IT storage professionals and generalists (simple, modern, affordable, flexible). These are some of the features and supporting statements that allows Unity to redefine midrange storage:

  • Simple: Simplified ordering, all-inclusive software, quick rack-and-stack, customer installable, a new slick HTML5 user interface, Proactive Assist with call home, and new Cloud-based management.
  • Modern: Unity is designed to support the latest dense flash drives such as 3D TLC NAND with a Linux-based architecture, incorporating new Intel Haswell multicore processors, 2U dense configurations, offering a new scalable file system (with file system shrink), unified local point in time snapshots & unified replication, integrated copy data management, support for Public and Private cloud access, deep ecosystem integration with VMware (native VVOL’s), Microsoft, OpenStack, and a full REST-API for developers. With Unity and EMC data protection, you can backup 50% faster, reduce protection storage requirements by 10 to 30x and gain 30x faster VMware recovery.
  • Flexible: You can meet any storage deployment requirement with Unity from virtual to purpose-built to converged infrastructure.  All deployment options support the same unified data services (SAN/NAS and VVOLS) for any workload (standalone or mixed) with traditional file (file consolidation, home directories) as well as transactional workloads for both file and block on both All-Flash and Hybrid configurations (Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, SAP, VDI, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V).
  • Affordable: Unity delivers the best midrange flash economics with a great entry price and overall TCO.  UnityVSA Community Edition allows anyone to get started for free and upgrade into the supported Professional Edition, or purpose-built all-flash or Hybrid systems, or a converged infrastructure approach. And you can make Unity All-Flash even more affordable when you add in EMC’s Unity Xpect More Program.


EMC Unity family


  • Unity All-Flash: There are four Unity All-Flash configurations, namely Unity 300F, 400F, 500F and 600F. The All-Flash (F) configurations come standard with all inclusive (array-based) software.
  • Unity Hybrid: The four Unity Hybrid configurations, namely Unity 300, 400, 500 and 600 support up to 150, 250, 350 and 500 drives respectively and come standard with all inclusive (array-based) software.
  • UnityVSA: There is a free downloadable UnityVSA Community Edition license that supports up to 4TB for non-production environments. This includes all supported software and protocols and utilizes community based support. There are also 3 UnityVSA Professional Edition licenses that utilize a 1 year subscription based licensing model


EMC Services

Unity is fully customer installable and can be racked and stacked in as little as a few minutes. The simple configuration wizard will allow your customer to be up and running in no time.

  • Unity Migration Services Unity will utilize EMC’s new Intelligent Data Mobility migration methodology. This approach leverages best of breed migration technology software which allows customers to achieve a faster time to value at lower cost. It is also a highly repeatable model that utilizes a standardized and proven methodology that is both platform and vendor agnostic. Based on your customer’s specific business and technical requirements, engagements are tailored using standardized migration blueprints, which are sub-processes designed around specific business and technical use cases. The existing fixed and custom offers will apply at GA including: Data Migration Architecture & Design, Data Migration Implementation and Custom Migration. (See the Service Offering Index for more details)
  • Unity Professional Services New fixed price and scope services are available: Installation, Implementation Assistance, Base Implementation, Base Plus Implementation, Software Implementation (FAST, Replication, Snapshots, Anti-Virus), Block/File Implementation Add-On (small/large hosts, shares/exports), and Custom Implementation Services. See the separate Sales Advantage article for Unity Services or the Service Offering Index for more details.
  • Unity Warranty and Support
    • Unity All-Flash and Hybrid configurations come with 3 year hardware Limited Warranty. Software comes with 90 day defective media replacement warranty. Enhanced and Premium Support options are available.
    • UnityVSA Professional Edition (1 year subscription based license) includes 1 year of Enhanced support.
  • New Unity 3rd party migration solutions through EMC Select are also available.
    • DataDobi for File: DobiMiner is purpose-built next-generation NAS migration software that helps businesses optimize their storage platform transition. DobiMiner helps customers align all phases of a technology transition from an initial assessment through final monitoring and reporting.



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