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Program available today :

Brocade 16Gb Programs Summary

–Director Tech Refresh $175-$250 Relief Per Port

›1:1 Ports out to Ports in Relief is Capped on 4 directors , per customer/ per quarter

–Switch Tech Refresh DS-6510/6520-16Gb , Relief  $2,160 – $8,640* per  base chassis

Cisco Program Summary

–Director Tech Refresh $150-$250 Relief Per Port

›1:1 Ports out to Ports in Capped at relief 1,536 ports

–Switch Tech Refresh MDS-9148S/MDS-9396 16Gb only, Relief $2,160-$4,320* per base chassis

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CloudArray will be offered in new software models used for both virtual appliances and Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers beginning on February 13, 2017

All configurations must start with the Base Solution of 3TB cache. Customers are then able to increase their cache capacity in 1TB increments. If later on, after the initial purchase, customers wish to increase their CloudArray software license, they can do this in 1TB increments with the upgrade license. This allows for much more granular sizing to fit every customer environment and budget.

The new Dell servers offer over 20 times the IOPS performance of the old hardware appliances thanks to being all-flash. Combined with these new software models, this offering is the fastest and most flexible to date.

CloudArray resource: CloudArray Enablement Center