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The world’s most trusted protection storage is now software-defined with Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE). DD VE is simple to configure and deploy. Flexible licensing includes capacity, DD Boost, DD Replicator and DD Encryption.


With DD VE customers gain the benefits of the world’s most trusted protection storage and the simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of a software-defined solution.

  • SIMPLE: Quick and simple to deploy and can be up and running in minutes
  • FLEXIBLE: A single instance can scale from 0.5 – 16 TB and capacity can be expanded in 1 TB increments. So, customers can grow as they need. Capacity can also be deployed across multiple sites and easily moved between locations.
  • EFFICIENT: Maintains core Data Domain features such as variable-length deduplication and Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture. Plus, DD VE can run on standard hardware, allowing customers to leverage existing infrastructure.


  • Supported on VMware ESXi 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0
  • 0.5 TB Community Edition: Higher capacity paid version (upto 16TB)
  • NFS, CIFS and DD Boost protocols supported
  • Includes DD Boost, DD Replicator, and DD Encryption software
  • Multiple replication topologies: virtual to physical, physical to virtual, and virtual to virtual
  • VMware vSphere High Availability and Fault Tolerance support
  • Data Domain System Manager support for manageability
  • ELMS licensing enabled

EMC Partner News – EMEA

February 19th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in DPAD | EMC | ISILON | VxRail | XtremIO - (0 Comments)
VCE VxRail: A Quantum Leap in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
To capitalize on the growing CI market, EMC and VMware introduce the VCE VxRail Appliance—a new hyper converged infrastructure appliance that enables organizations to create IT certainty by eliminating complexity and collapsing cost structures.

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Data Lake 2.0 Is Here! Help Customers Expand the Data Lake with Newly Available Isilon Products
IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0, and Isilon CloudPools—which will expand your customers’ data lake to enterprise edge locations and the cloud while strengthening it at the core data center—are now generally available!.

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Why “Good Enough” is NOT Good Enough
Doing things as they’ve always been done—especially during today’s digital transformation—is not a successful strategy. As you enter prospect and customer storage discussions, be prepared with a pre-emptive talk track around why “good enough” is simply not good enough.

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Modernize Your Marketing Approach with New and Improved Marketing Academy Courses
Hone your current marketing skills and discover new ways to reach customers and prospects with the EMC Marketing Academy.

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Four Big Predictions for Big Data in 2016
In a new blog, Thore Rabe, Vice President EMC Isilon (EMEA), said: “Discussions are no longer focused on delivering efficiency and savings in the way large volumes of data are stored, but are also about piloting ways of extracting value from them with big data projects. We are now at a turning point for large scale analytics deployments in 2016”.

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EMEA Channel Predictions 2016 #2: There will be a war for talent in the IT partner ecosystem
As the pace of hybrid cloud deployments accelerates, and cloud technologies continue to mature, it will become increasingly important for channel organisations to have the right sales talent in place. Over the next few weeks Philippe Fossé will share his predictions for just what 2016 has in store for channel players and how they can look to drive growth.

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DPS4VM: Now Avamar node for 0$

December 16th, 2015 | Posted by Claude Belloni in Avamar | DPAD - (0 Comments)

From now on, when quoting DPS for VMware we will, if required by the partner, offer the Avamar metadata node for free.platform-avamar

PSC from today will apply this in the quotes, as long as the partner asks for Price Assistance and

requests the Avamar node for free and indicates which model the customer needs.

This will enable us to be much more competitive against VEEAM and Commvault.

When DPSuite for  VMware (model 456-110-832) is quoted   (must be on the cart)

  1.  The Avamar metadata node  model AVMA600FG4S (m600 node) or model AVMA1200FG4S (m1200 node)
    can be provided at 100% discount along with associated maintenance
  2. Quantity of metadata node could be 2 if the customer is replicating their environment
  3. Both nodes would be 100% discount along with associated maintenance.

Partner and/or EMC Sales Rep need to request the node at 100% discount in a Price Assistance and specify which Avamar model the need: AVMA600FG4S (m600 node) or model AVMA1200FG4S (m1200 node) and the quantity: 1 or 2.


Event DetailsEMC-Data-Protection-Suite-DPS-IMG-01
Monday, November 30, 2015
1:00PM-2:00PM EST

The cloud is everywhere and your customers need to ensure their data is protected no matter where it resides, no matter what happens.  Please join us for an important webcast with Senior Vice President Jim Clancy to learn all about EMC’s continued investment in data protection and the cloud. Specifically, Jim will discuss:

  • EMC’s data protection everywhere strategy
  • EMC’s recent data protection launch and how our solutions help customers take advantage of the cloud and help you compete
  • Partner Enablement – we’ve created all the tools you need to be successful selling EMC data protection solutions, including awareness & demand generation campaigns as well as partner kits

Register Now



November 13th, 2015 | Posted by Claude Belloni in DPAD - (0 Comments)


EMC bietet ab sofort die Data Protection Suite for VMware an.

Dabei handelt es sich um ein neues, Channel-only Angebot.

DPS for VMware richtet sich an VMware-Umgebungen, um die Bereitstellung, Konfiguration und Verwaltung des Backups und Restores von virtuellen Maschinen zu vereinfachen.

Applikationskonsistente Backups werden genauso unterstützt wie die Index-basierte Suche von Metadaten und Datei-Inhalt.

In der Suite enthalten sind:

  • Avamar Software
  • RecoverPoint for VMs
  • Data Protection Advisor (DPA) für Avamar
  • DP Search

Die Lizenzierung von DPS for VMware basiert auf CPU-Basis und bezieht sich auf Anzahl CPUs der zu schützenden VMware-Umgebung.

Möchten Sie mehr über DPS for VMware erfahren?
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Die bereits angekündigte Data Domain OS Version 5.7 steht nun als Directed Availability (DA) zum Download bereit.EMC Data Domain

Die wichtigsten Highlights im Überblick:

Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen hinsichtlich Management, Sicherheit, Verfügbarkeit und Skalierbarkeit

  • Physische Kapazitätsmessung: Point-in-time Reports, die die physikalische Belegung auf File-, Directory-, MTree- oder Mandanten-Ebene ausweisen.
  • Verbesserung im Mandanten-Management: In Verbindung mit der physischen Kapazitätsmessung kann die geschützte Kapazität pro Mandant ausgewertet werden. Zudem können Limits hinsichtlich Kapazität und Durchsatz pro Mandant gesetzt werden.
  • Erhöhte Skalierbarkeit: Erhöhung der max. MTree-Anzahl um Faktor 4 (DD4200, DD4500, DD7200, DD990, DD9500), sowie 1,7-mal so viele parallele Streams für die DD9500.
  • DS60 Erweiterungseinheiten: Die neuen DS60-Shelves beinhalten bis zu 60 Platten (3 TB bzw. 4 TB). Sie sind für die Systeme DD4200 (nur 3 TB HDDs), DD4500, DD7200 und DD9500 verfügbar.
  • Support für 4 TB Platten: Für die bekannten ES30- und die neuen DS60-Shelves sind nun die 4 TB verfügbar. ES30 und DS60 mit 4 TB Platten werden für die Systeme DD4500, DD7200 und DD9500 unterstützt.
  • Online Shelf Migration: Mit dem neuen DDOS 5.7 ist es möglich, Daten von älteren und somit meist gering kapazitiven Shelves im laufenden Betrieb auf neue Shelves mit größerer Kapazität zu migrieren. Die Migration kann erfolgen, ohne dass bestehende Backupoperationen abgebrochen oder angehalten werden müssen.

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