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February 19th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in DPAD | EMC | ISILON | VxRail | XtremIO - (0 Comments)
VCE VxRail: A Quantum Leap in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
To capitalize on the growing CI market, EMC and VMware introduce the VCE VxRail Appliance—a new hyper converged infrastructure appliance that enables organizations to create IT certainty by eliminating complexity and collapsing cost structures.

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Data Lake 2.0 Is Here! Help Customers Expand the Data Lake with Newly Available Isilon Products
IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0, and Isilon CloudPools—which will expand your customers’ data lake to enterprise edge locations and the cloud while strengthening it at the core data center—are now generally available!.

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Why “Good Enough” is NOT Good Enough
Doing things as they’ve always been done—especially during today’s digital transformation—is not a successful strategy. As you enter prospect and customer storage discussions, be prepared with a pre-emptive talk track around why “good enough” is simply not good enough.

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Modernize Your Marketing Approach with New and Improved Marketing Academy Courses
Hone your current marketing skills and discover new ways to reach customers and prospects with the EMC Marketing Academy.

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Four Big Predictions for Big Data in 2016
In a new blog, Thore Rabe, Vice President EMC Isilon (EMEA), said: “Discussions are no longer focused on delivering efficiency and savings in the way large volumes of data are stored, but are also about piloting ways of extracting value from them with big data projects. We are now at a turning point for large scale analytics deployments in 2016”.

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EMEA Channel Predictions 2016 #2: There will be a war for talent in the IT partner ecosystem
As the pace of hybrid cloud deployments accelerates, and cloud technologies continue to mature, it will become increasingly important for channel organisations to have the right sales talent in place. Over the next few weeks Philippe Fossé will share his predictions for just what 2016 has in store for channel players and how they can look to drive growth.

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Isilon Simulator Download

January 15th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in EMC | ISILON - (0 Comments)
Download the EMC Isilon OneFS Simulator at no charge for non-production use. EMC_Isilon
You can use this to create a simulated environment and get a feel for the interface and administration tasks available in the latest Isilon software release. For support, join the EMC Isilon Community to access documentation, user guides, FAQs, and training. You can also join Community user discussions to get further insight in the latest OneFS features. If you are ready to move forward and purchase a cluster or upgrade an existing system you can speak with a Sales Associate or visit the EMC Isilon Community for links to start your upgrade plan.

Watch our demo video and learn how to download, install, and configure the EMC Isilon OneFS Simulator.

The Isilon download package contains the simulator for EMC Isilon OneFS (VM) and the installation guide.
Please follow the step by step installation instructions as indicated in the document.

System Requirements:


  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM for a virtual node
  • 6 GB RAM recommended per virtual node Processor
  • VT-capable processor

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows (recommended)
  • Ubuntu (Linux)
  • CentOS (Linux)

Hard Drive

  • 17 GB of free space for the first node
  • 16 GB per additional node
Virtual infrastructure:

  • Standalone components:
    • VMware Server
    • VMware Fusion
    • VMware Workstation
    • VMware Player
  • VMware vSphere components:
    • VMware ESXi 5.1.x
    • VMware vCenter Converter
    • Standalone or VMware vCenter Converter


License Requirements:

Ready to unlock the OneFS simulator advanced features? No problem. Contact your Account Representative or System’s Engineer to receive your free “evaluation license key” valid for 90 days. If you are new to EMC Isilon, email us directly.

EMC_IsilonOrganizations across multiple industries have been feeling the impact of unstructured data growth,
and a Data Lake will help your customers consolidate and eliminate storage silos, lower costs, and harness the power of data assets.

Isilon, the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS storage platform, offers expanded storage capacity, support for new workloads, and enhanced data protection and security options to help customers build the strong Data Lake they need to manage unstructured data.

With the products launched in 2015—Isilon HD400, Isilon X210, and Isilon NL410—customers can:
• Utilize highly efficient and resilient scale-out storage solutions for up to 50 PB in a single Isilon cluster—a 2.5X capacity increase
• Reduce data center operating costs—including power, cooling, and floor space requirements—by up to 50%
• Achieve 33% more capacity than older systems
• Get simplified management and increased data center flexibility

ECS, a software-defined, cloud scale object and HDFS storage platform, also helps customers tackle the unstructured data challenge with a Data Lake.
With ECS, your customers can efficiently store billions of objects while delivering data anywhere to any device. You can offer customers  a cost effective, private cloud object solution that delivers the public cloud simplicity, but with the control and security of keeping the data on premise.

Earn more revenue by bringing your customers to the next-gen Data Lake

Isilon and ECS provide your customers with the building blocks for a strong Data Lake…but the next steps are to help customers who want to extend their data lake from the data center to edge locations.

In November 2015, EMC introduced new Isilon software products so your customers can implement a Data Lake 2.0 strategy that allows them to extend their business data lake to the edge, optimize the core, and embrace the cloud.

The new Isilon software products, generally available in 2016, include:
• EMC Isilon OneFS.NEXT – the next generation of the EMC Isilon operating system
• EMC IsilonSD Edge – the first software-defined storage solution with the power of Isilon
• EMC Isilon CloudPools – a new software product that extends data lakes to the cloud

Also in 2016, a new release of ECS will give you an edge in the object storage world, enable you to upsell major competitors, and deliver compliance and data-at-rest encryption so you can easily offer upgrades from legacy EMC object platforms to ECS.

Get ready to win in 2016

Visit the Isilon and ECS Enablement Centers on the EMC Partner Portal to find tools, demos, and other resources to help you sell, and utilize the Isilon and ECS marketing collateral as tools to close deals and attract new prospects.

Additional Resources:
• Data Lake Campaign Library
• Value of Data Lake Video
• Data Lake Website


November 17th, 2015 | Posted by Claude Belloni in ISILON - (0 Comments)

Mit IsilonSD Edge erweitert EMC sein Portfolio um eine weitere Software Defined Storage Lösung. IsilonSD Edge stellt einen Isilon Cluster zur Verfügung, basierend auf Standard x86 Servern. Die Software läuft aufEMC_Isilon VMware ESX Knoten. Neben einer kostenlosen Variante für nicht-produktive Umgebungen ist IsilonSD Edge als lizenzierte Version für den produktiven Einsatz verfügbar.

Unternehmen stehen oft vor der Herausforderung, dass in Außenstellen ineffiziente Insellösungen eingesetzt werden und nicht den Unternehmensstandards entsprechen. Die IT Ressourcen vor Ort sind zudem sehr knapp. Mit IsilonSD Edge wird das Storage Management in den Außenstellen stark vereinfacht. Die Lösung ermöglicht die Datenkonsolidierung und die automatische Replikation ins Hauptrechenzentrum. IsilonSD Edge eignet sich ebenso hervorragend für Test- & Entwicklungsumgebungen sowie SMB-Kunden.

Die Lösung unterstützt 3 bis 6 ESX Knoten und bis zu 36 TB Kapazität. Für die Datenablage werden direkt angebundene Festplatten (DAS) verwendet. Die Lizenzierung erfolgt nach Anzahl der eingesetzten Knoten. IsilonSD Edge ist ab Anfang 2016 verfügbar.

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