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More VPLEX updates

January 20th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in EMC | VPLEX - (0 Comments)

New attractive pricing with VNX 5200 and 5400

Win small array business (SMB and ROBO accounts) with compelling value of VPLEX data mobility and continuous availability at a very new attractive pricing. Separate SA article.

“VPLEX saves the day” story

We recently got a service report from China. A faulty UPS at Shanxi People’s hospital forced one of the arrays to reboot. The customer logged this with EMC but was confident in their availability strategy! Sure enough VPLEX was mirroring the array to a second array so business went as if nothing happened! Yet another VPLEX saves the day story.

A customer from Kentucky reported they could save 360TB of mission critical data thanks to VPLEX mirroring

Please find the latest deck with these stories here. Here is a snapshot info graphic of these stories that we will go on social media:

VPLEX Saves the day

UNMAP support on XtremIO

VPLEX attach rate with XtremIO is on a rise. Customers pick XtremIO for their most mission critical workloads and VPLEX’s becomes a natural choice to provide continuous availability for those applications across mirrored arrays locally or over distance.  VPLEX engineering is aggressively adding new capabilities to allow more XtremIO data services go through VPLEX.

The newly added support for UNMAP allows VPLEX to free unused blocks from thin volumes provided by XtremIO arrays.  With this capability, you can now reduce the size of thin volumes when you move VMs or delete content from ESXI hosts and even within certain VMs. Engineering already started working on extending the UNMAP support to locally mirroring and Metro use cases.

MetroPoint (VPLEX Metro with RecoverPoint) scales big time

With GeoSynchrony 5.5 Patch 1, MetroPoint scales up to 4500 virtual volumes, something many of VPLEX largest customers have been asking for.

The MetroPoint configuration brings together VPLEX Metro and RecoverPoint to offer continuous availability across metro sites while protecting both the sites with a long distance DR site/copy


We are very excited to share with you VPLEX CloudArray integration that creates exciting new use case extends the key VPLEX use case of mobility to public and private cloud storage. Here are some other great updates for VPLEX covered towards the end of this article:

  • MetroPoint scales up big time (more than 200%) : to 4500 virtual volumes
  • VPLEX Local supports UNMAP on XtremIO
  • Two new “VPLEX Saves the day” stories

Positioning CloudArray integration

We are proud to announce the integration of Cloud Array with VPLEX. This creates a completely new use case of moving cold data to cost effective cloud storage.

Benefits to the customer

Key value proposition: CloudArray allows VPLEX customers to lower their cost of storage and adopt a pay per use model for their low-tier storage for secondary copies and cold data.

Customers can:

  • Seamlessly move workloads from primary storage arrays to low-cost cloud storage and back
  • Lower the cost of their archive tier
  • Take advantage of database level partitioning to move colder data to cloud

For EMC:

  • Differentiated capability for VPLEX vs. IBM SVC and other competitors
  • Help drive attach to Virtustream vs. alternate cloud providers

Key use cases

The use case for cloud storage behind VPLEX hinges on temporal locality: the need to access older data (sent to cloud storage) is much lower than very recent data (that can be cached in CloudArray). Following is a use case that shows the need for varying speeds of data access.

Splunk host/warm/cold/frozen tiering – CA to provide frozen/cold tiers

Splunk is an application that collects logs from datacenter equipment and enables query functionality on those logs.  It collects enormous amounts of data over time.  Since the more recent information is generally more interesting to queries / analytics, Splunk has the ability to tier data (typically by time) into hot/warm/cold/frozen tiers.  The frozen tier is not included in any queries at all unless it is promoted back to cold.

It is possible to store cold / frozen tiers on CloudArray so that faster and more expensive primary storage arrays are freed up.  They would only have to serve the hot/warm tiers in this case.

Microsoft Exchange archive mailboxes

Due to cost concerns, users are often provided mailboxes which are too small.  Users can then use archive mailboxes to store older emails for posterity and this is common practice.  Exchange even allows one to setup policies to automatically move older emails to an archive mailbox.

With CloudArray, it is possible to host the inbox on primary storage and archive mailboxes on cloud-based storage for lower cost.  Since archive mailboxes are accessed less frequently, CloudArray provides adequate performance to host these.

Oracle and DB2 Database partitioning by key (i.e. timestamp)

Databases such as Oracle 12c and DB2 offer the capability to partition tables by a primary key – which could be a date.  In this way, older data can be stored in a separate table which can live on slower storage – such as CloudArray.  Since it is touched less frequently by database queries and since the database queries that do access these records tend to be Decision Support workloads (sequential in nature) the performance of CloudArray is appropriate for hosting this older data.

SQL Server snapshot / backup long term retention, manual tiering

Database administrators often use snapshots for operational recovery of their databases.  The older the snapshot, the less likely it is to be used.  With VPLEX and CloudArray, it is possible to migrate snapshots from the primary array to the Cloud so that it can be deleted from the primary array.  This frees up space on the primary array and lowers the total cost of keeping these various copies of the database.


  • Cloud storage behind VPLEX gives a unique competitive advantage to EMC solution over solutions like IBM’s SVC and HPE’s 3Par.

Ordering and Pricing Information (if applicable)

  • A new frame based licensing is available for CloudArray. MyQuotes ordering is available from February 8th.

Call to Action

  • Target customers with significant cold data (more details in this QSG) who are considering cloud storage and pitch VPLEX data mobility across Cloud and on premise arrays
  • Take the opportunity to explain online tech refresh and load balancing use cases of VPLEX data mobility to further increase the RoI


VPLEX Enablement Center

White boarding data mobility

VPLEX saves the day

VPLEX with VNX: Customer Presentation

For further questions or assistance with your VPLEX sales opportunities, contact the VPLEX Sales Specialist in your area or email VPLEX Deal Support Desk. 

EMC VPLEXAs part of our on going effort to penetrate the low end storage market we are announcing a very attractive pricing for VPLEX frame based license for VNX 5200 and 5400 series frames.

Following table summarizes the changes to the pricing:

  VPLEX Local VPLEX Metro
VNX 5200 45% reduction in LP 50% reduction in LP
VNX 5400 20% reduction in LP 30% reduction in LP

The new prices will be automatically available on February 8th.


Win VNX Opportunities for Small scale businesses and ROBO use case

Small and medium businesses are resource constrained and highly price sensitive when it comes to IT infrastructure spend. This leads to a price war that is hard to win, especially in the small array segment. The best approach is to sell a solution that enables IT to achieve a lot more than adding tera bytes of storage. With the new reduced pricing of VPLEX for VNX 5200 adnd 5400 EMC offers the most compelling value proposition for a small array:

  • Less capital intensive storage life cycle management
  • Take advantage of the latest storage technology with no-hassle online tech-refresh!
  • The ability to load balance application performance with existing EMC/non-EMC storage

VPLEX for existing VNX frames

VPLEX is the best way to prepare greenfield accounts for their next tech refresh. Educate your customers about VPLEX’s legendary data mobility! They never need to do another tech refresh that is a weekend killing monster but instead of take advantage of new shiny storage of more than 70+ storage models (vendor agnostic) from day one!


White boarding data mobility

VPLEX saves the day

VPLEX with VNX: Customer Presentation

For further questions or assistance with your VPLEX sales opportunities, contact the VPLEX Sales Specialist in your area or email VPLEX Deal Support Desk