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On September 15, 2016 Dell EMC will announce the release of a new offering, Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node. The ScaleIO Ready Node, which became generally available on September 8, 2016, combines ScaleIO software with Dell PowerEdge servers, which have been tuned, optimized, tested and validated to run ScaleIO.


ScaleIO Ready Node is among the first offerings being brought to market by the Dell EMC brand of Dell Technologies. It combines the industry leading hardware of Dell PowerEdge servers, with the software-defined block storage software of ScaleIO.

There are 18 configurations customers can select from, including All-Flash and Hybrid models in 2U1N and 1U1N configurations. The All-Flash configurations are configured to meet the demands of mission-critical enterprise workloads, delivering high levels of performance, capacity and cost efficiency. There are a variety of configurations designed to support storage-only and hyper-converged deployment models, providing customers with the choices needed to map to how they run their business.

The ScaleIO Ready Node is the combination of leading hardware and software solutions in, what promises to be, one of the best SDS offerings on the market. We are able to offer our customers a single solution (hardware and software developed and maintained by one company); a single buying cycle for server SANs; and a single place for support.

Key Features:

Next Generation Hardware

  • Based on 13th Generation Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Utilizing the latest generation Intel Processors
  • Specifically tuned and optimized for ScaleIO

All-Flash Configurations

  • High-density and High-Capacity All-Flash configurations

Enhanced Caching Layer

  • Full integration with SanDisk® DAS Cache®

Operating System Flexibility

  • Tested and supported for use with ESX, Linux and Windows Server (Hyper-V)

World Class Support

  • A single support model for both the hardware and software from a single vendor


The ScaleIO software can still be consumed in 3 different ways:

  • ScaleIO software empowers customers to turn their x86 servers into server SANs to create a Software Defined Storage infrastructure.
  • ScaleIO Ready Nodes combines ScaleIO software with Dell PowerEdge servers, which have been optimized to run ScaleIO software, greatly simplifying the process of procuring and deploying a server SAN. Customers can have confidence in building a new architecture or transforming their existing infrastructure to a Modern Data Center knowing that the ScaleIO Ready Node is fully supported, pre-validated, tested and configured to provide the best performance possible.
  • VCE™VxRack™System with FLEX integrates compute, software-defined storage, networking, and virtualization. It then utilizes ScaleIO software, and VCE Vision™Intelligent Operations software, to create a turnkey, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution that is fully supported and sustained.


Today’s IT infrastructures are siloed, inflexible and rigid. IT organizations are looking to move away from these complex and siloed environments which are plagued by inefficient planning, high costs and longer time-to-market. They are looking to modernize their data centers with software-defined storage.

Modernizing the data center starts with removing IT’s dependency on traditional SAN hardware and instead, transforming the data center with Software-defined Storage. Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node brings together next generation, rack-optimized, Dell PowerEdge servers with ScaleIO, the most agile, scalable and performant Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution for block storage. It fits within the existing infrastructure and is the perfect choice for organizations looking for ways to reduce the time needed to plan and deploy a new architecture. Having the software and hardware from a single vendor, delivering single support, greatly simplifies the process of procuring and deploying a server SAN. Also the ability to select from different deployment models (storage-only / hyper-converged) and configurations, including All-Flash and Hybrid, provide businesses with the flexibility to select the solution that best meets their business objectives.

ScaleIO Ready Node delivers a powerful, flexible and agile server SAN solution that supports specific workload demands while also helping to reduce risk and maximize TCO. It not only eliminates data migrations, forklift upgrades, expensive Fibre Channel connectivity and “Islands of SANs” but also delivers:

  • Compelling Economics: Attain as much as 50% more efficiency (power/cooling/space) when compared to traditional SAN infrastructures and bring the power of All-Flash to SDS deployments without sacrificing cost efficiency. 
  • Massive Scalability: Achieve web scale from the core data center by while truly eliminating silos of infrastructure from the data center. Clusters can scale from as little as 3 nodes and as much as to 1000+ nodes across multiple racks. 
  • Supreme Elasticity: Storage and compute resources can be increased or decreased in small or large increments whenever the need arises “on the fly” with no downtime. IT organizations add only what they need when they need it. 
  • Extreme Performance: Experience performance that scales linearly. Tested against multiple traditional SAN vendor models, customers can achieve as much as 8x better IOPS performance. All-Flash configurations provide greater performance with lower latency. 
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Choose the OS/hypervisor running on each server node. Customers can select the configurations which best support workloads and be empowered to build the solution that best fits their application and business needs.

EMC Services
Professional Services offerings are available for ScaleIO Ready Node or existing ScaleIO clusters. The services include physical installation of ScaleIO Ready Node, hardware verification tests, and software installation and implementation services.

For additional information on all of the Professional Service offerings available for ScaleIO Ready Nodes and ScaleIO, please visit the Service Offering Index.

Ordering and Pricing Information
ScaleIO Ready Node can be sold by Direct Sales and Channel Partners via MyQuotes however; it is highly recommended that you engage the ScaleIO Ready Node Sales Desk. The Sales Desk is covered by ScaleIO, ScaleIO Ready Node and VxRack System subject matter experts. They are available to assist with customer calls, competitive sales campaigns, demos and solution engineering. The sales desk can be reached by emailing






Over the years, EMC has introduced leading-edge technology in products that provide enterprise-wide solutions to our customers’ information technology needs. As enterprise technology and customer requirements have evolved, so too have EMC’s products.

In line with this evolution, EMC has decided to discontinue support of Replication Manager, effective August 31, 2017, so that EMC may concentrate its efforts on current technology.


The following timeline details the EOSL plan for Replication Manager and provides you with formal notice that:

If you have a current maintenance contract for Replication Manager that expires on or before August 31, 2017, this letter serves as notification that EMC will not renew or extend that contract beyond August 31, 2017.

If you have a current maintenance contract for Replication Manager that expires after August 31, 2017 this letter serves as notification that EMC is terminating your maintenance contract, effective August 31, 2017.

If you have any questions or would like information on our current offerings and upgrade products for Replication Manager, please contact your local EMC sales or customer service representative.

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