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VxRack Neutrino UI Simulator

VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes is a turnkey, rack-scale system purpose-built for cloud native applications, with compelling economics.  This demo allows you to interact with the VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino UI Simulator.  It provides VxRack Neutrino’s basic functionality and use cases without the need of a full-fledged running system.  The UI Simulator provides a similar UI experience that a customer would get from logging into a real system.

This version of the UI simulator includes the following functionality and supports these uses cases:

  • Full experience for the management of Accounts, Users, Group, and Projects.
  • External users configuration though LDAP.
  • Adding and removing Cloud Compute nodes, including computation of resources, and Ansible playbook simulation.
  • Transferring platform nodes.
  • Services and Infrastructure navigation and simulation.
  • Neutrino Base OS and Services Upgrade experience.


  • Reports are currently HTML pages that shows the content, but have no drill down on buttons and detailed functionality.
  • Buttons that have no functionality implemented will do nothing when clicked. No errors will be thrown.



The VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market. Based on VMware’s vSphere and Virtual SAN, and EMC software:

Take the VCE VxRail for a spin, and get hands-on time with the following features:

  • Scale-Out: Ease & Speed to Scale-Out an existing VxRail Infrastructure Perform this task through a few clicks of the mouse
  • EMC Integration: View the tight integration via the VxRail Management Web Client to the VxRail app store, online support, chat/KB articles, inspect the hardware status of appliances and arrange replacement failed parts , all from within this single UI.
  • Cloud Array: Easily expand the storage capacity of your VxRail infrastructure using Cloud provider(s), including vCloud Air
  • Backup Your VxRail Virtual Infrastructure: Using the industry leading backup solution from EMC, RecoverPoint for VMs, backup up your virtual infrastructure all from within the vSphere Web Client and a few clicks of the mouse.



EMC Unity delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value to speed deployment, streamline management and seamlessly extend the data storage to the cloud.Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities. Cloud-enabled management and proactive support keep you connected.

This Unity interactive demo steps you through the following:

  • Rapid initial configuration through the use of an easy to use step by step configuration wizard
  • Easily create a VMware Datastore, once again, via the use of a straight forward configuration wizard.  Click, click, done!
  • View the configurable dashboard, which provide highly useful insights into metrics such as performance, capacity utilization, alerts, etc.
  • Obtain further valuable information of the system via the ‘System View’.  This provides a photo-realistic view into the underlying hardware including useful parts and status information.
  • Access product support information all through Unity web based management interface.
  • CloudIQ provides a powerful performance, health and analytics management dashboard.



Try out the latest version of Isilon OneFS (8.0) and experience Isilon Edge and CloudPools.

In this demo you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Install an Isilon Edge instance on a VMware vSphere cluster
  • Automatically sync data between Isilon Edge and Core instances, and vice-versa
  • Easily tier “frozen” data off of the Isilon Core to a public Cloud storage provider
  • See how end users can seamlessly access data/files which have been tiered to a Cloud storage provider


Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC)

Native Hybrid Cloud is a fully turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform that’s ready to use in hybrid operating models in as little as two days.

Based on best-in-class Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies, Native Hybrid Cloud can give you the speed you need to transform your business into a software-driven enterprise.

In this NHC interactive demo you can take on the persona of a developer and walk through the following features:

  • Deploy an application
  • Manage an application
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Binding services
  • Application availability (self-healing)
  • Application logging
  • Blue Green deployment
  • Continuous delivery


Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC)

A unified hybrid cloud helps organizations innovate rapidly while still delivering enterprise-grade performance, resiliency and security.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) delivers on this by combining the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services.

Click the ‘Start’ button below to be taken to the EHC demo portal, where you’ll be have access to a wealth of EHC related collateral, videos, and most importantly, interactive demos.


Spanning – Microsoft Office365

Spanning Backup for Microsoft Office 365 protects you from the data loss scenarios Microsoft doesn’t cover (human mistakes, configuration errors, and malicious activity) by providing daily automated and on-demand backups  along with granular restores of data back into Office 365.

See for yourself how fast and easy Spanning makes backing up and restoring Office 365 data:

  • Restore Office 365 Mail and Calendar items from one user to a different user
  • Restore Office 365 Mail and Calendar items as an end user
  • Perform basic administration tasks such as assigning licenses, checking on backup errors, and examining activity logs

Spanning also offers similar protection functionality to SaaS products; Google Apps and Sales Force.


Spanning – Microsoft OneDrive & Salesforce

Spanning now offers backup protection for Microsoft OneDrive!

In this short demo you’ll be taken through the basic steps involved with:

  • An administrator easily restoring a user’s directory from within their OneDrive instance
  • An end user exporting data from Salesforce
  • An end user restoring information/data through a few clicks of the mouse, all from within the Salesforce web based UI

EMC UnityShowcase the power and simplicity of Unity with a free customer trial. The Customer Unity Test Drive Program gives EMC partners the ability to offer Unity systems to customers for use in their environment prior to a final purchase commitment. When onsite, all customers can decide to either purchase or return the unit during the 60 day period. During the trial period, end users will be able to evaluate the fit and performance of the unit in their environment.

Test drive program overview

  • Provides EMC partners the ability to offer Unity systems to customers for use in their environment for a 60-day trial period
    Customers will decide to either purchase the unit, which they can do at anytime during the 60-day period, or return it
  • Open to EMC Silver, Gold, and Platinum BPP Partners and Distributors
    –All participating Partners must complete the Unity IE Differences module
  • All Unity Test Drive requests are subject to approval by NAM/PSM and EMC Rep
  • There are 9 suggested configurations, though any customer configuration will be approved
  • Standard BPP Demo Program should be used for any demo/POC on Partner site




2.5″ 15K drives in 25-slot enclosures for DC powered VNX5200/5400/5600 will EOL on June 30

Effective on June 30 2016, the 300GB 15K drive in 25-slot enclosures i.e. 25 drive Disk Processor Enclosures (DPE) and 25 drive Disk Array Enclosures (DAE) in the VNX5200, VNX5400 and VNX5600 will go EOL. These models will be removed from MyQuotes ordering systems with the July MyQuotes release.

EOL Drive Affected Array Alternative Drives
300GB 15K drive in a 25 slot enclosure

(DC NEBS compliant)

VNX5200 VNX5400 VNX5600 300GB & 600GB 15K drives in 15 slot enclosures and 300GB & 600GB 10K drives in 15 or 25 slot enclosures


A number of 12, 15 & 60 slot drives in VNX and VNXe will EOL on September 30

Effective on September 30 2016, the following drives in 12, 15 and 60 slot enclosures on VNX2 and VNXe will go EOL.

EOL Drive Affected Array Alternative Drives
800GB SSD AC in a 60 slot enclosure VNX2 (new/upgrade) 400GB or 1.6TB SSD
1TB NL-SAS AC drive in a 15 slot enclosure VNX1 (upgrade) 2TB NL-SAS
1TB NL-SAS AC drive in a 15 slot enclosure VNXe3300 (upgrade) 2TB NL-SAS
800GB SSD AC/DC in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3200 (new/upgrade) 200GB SSD
300GB 15K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3200 (new/upgrade) 600GB 15K
600GB 10K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3200 (new/upgrade) 900GB 10K
1.2TB 10K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3200 (new/upgrade) 900GB 10K
300GB 15K AC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3150 (upgrade) 600GB 15K
3TB 7200 NL-SAS AC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe3150 (upgrade) 2TB NL-SAS or 4TB NL-SAS
800GB SSD AC/DC in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe1600 (new/upgrade) 200GB SSD
300GB 15K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe1600 (new/upgrade) 600GB 15K
600GB 10K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe1600 (new/upgrade) 900GB 10K
1.2TB 10K AC/DC drive in a 12 slot enclosure VNXe1600 (new/upgrade) 900GB 10K


Additional Resources

Additional VNX family content can be found at the VNX Enablement Center

If you have questions, contact the TCE Pre-Sales Support Center at 1-866-EMC-7777 (U.S. and Canada), 1-508-435-1000, ext. 54777 (international), or via the Web at


Affordable Storage with One-Click Tech Support

Setup, ongoing management, and enhanced support are key to providing value in any storage solution. That’s why EMC has taken the time to ensure that the VNXe series meets these requirements through it’s extensive software advantages.


VNXe’s integration with Unisphere, EMC’s user-friendly storage management platform, gives you access to:

  • 24×7 one-click tech support
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Health and performance alerts
  • Simple user interfaces to perform all your block and file-oriented operations

With this integrated support ecosystem, you’ll diagnose issues automatically and resolve them quickly and efficiently without having to worry about storage costs.

VNXe models start at less than $10k. Price out your configuration today!

EMC VNXe pricing



EMC Annouces Unity

May 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in EMC | News | Unity - (0 Comments)

The Ultimate in Storage Simplicity and ValueEMC Unity


EMC Unity Appliances

EMC’s new Unity product line sets new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, a modern design, affordable prices, and flexible deployment – to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

With simplified ordering, all-inclusive software, new differentiated features, internet-enabled management, and a modern design, Unity is where powerful meets simplicity. The Unity family consists of:

  • Unity (purpose built): A modern midrange storage solution, engineered from the ground-up to meet market demands for flash, midrange affordability and outrageous simplicity. The Unity platform is available in four All-Flash and four Hybrid configurations.
  • VBLOCK (converged systems): Unity will be available in VCE VBLOCK and VxRack configurations within 90 days of the Unity GA.
  • UnityVSA (virtual): UnityVSA allows the advanced unified storage and data management features of the Unity family to be easily deployed on a VMware ESXi server, for a software defined’ approach.

All three deployment options enjoy one architecture, one interface with consistent features and rich data services.

Unity is the only unified storage system that successfully meets all 4 requirements of today’s midmarket IT storage professionals and generalists (simple, modern, affordable, flexible). These are some of the features and supporting statements that allows Unity to redefine midrange storage:

  • Simple: Simplified ordering, all-inclusive software, quick rack-and-stack, customer installable, a new slick HTML5 user interface, Proactive Assist with call home, and new Cloud-based management.
  • Modern: Unity is designed to support the latest dense flash drives such as 3D TLC NAND with a Linux-based architecture, incorporating new Intel Haswell multicore processors, 2U dense configurations, offering a new scalable file system (with file system shrink), unified local point in time snapshots & unified replication, integrated copy data management, support for Public and Private cloud access, deep ecosystem integration with VMware (native VVOL’s), Microsoft, OpenStack, and a full REST-API for developers. With Unity and EMC data protection, you can backup 50% faster, reduce protection storage requirements by 10 to 30x and gain 30x faster VMware recovery.
  • Flexible: You can meet any storage deployment requirement with Unity from virtual to purpose-built to converged infrastructure.  All deployment options support the same unified data services (SAN/NAS and VVOLS) for any workload (standalone or mixed) with traditional file (file consolidation, home directories) as well as transactional workloads for both file and block on both All-Flash and Hybrid configurations (Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, SAP, VDI, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V).
  • Affordable: Unity delivers the best midrange flash economics with a great entry price and overall TCO.  UnityVSA Community Edition allows anyone to get started for free and upgrade into the supported Professional Edition, or purpose-built all-flash or Hybrid systems, or a converged infrastructure approach. And you can make Unity All-Flash even more affordable when you add in EMC’s Unity Xpect More Program.


EMC Unity family


  • Unity All-Flash: There are four Unity All-Flash configurations, namely Unity 300F, 400F, 500F and 600F. The All-Flash (F) configurations come standard with all inclusive (array-based) software.
  • Unity Hybrid: The four Unity Hybrid configurations, namely Unity 300, 400, 500 and 600 support up to 150, 250, 350 and 500 drives respectively and come standard with all inclusive (array-based) software.
  • UnityVSA: There is a free downloadable UnityVSA Community Edition license that supports up to 4TB for non-production environments. This includes all supported software and protocols and utilizes community based support. There are also 3 UnityVSA Professional Edition licenses that utilize a 1 year subscription based licensing model


EMC Services

Unity is fully customer installable and can be racked and stacked in as little as a few minutes. The simple configuration wizard will allow your customer to be up and running in no time.

  • Unity Migration Services Unity will utilize EMC’s new Intelligent Data Mobility migration methodology. This approach leverages best of breed migration technology software which allows customers to achieve a faster time to value at lower cost. It is also a highly repeatable model that utilizes a standardized and proven methodology that is both platform and vendor agnostic. Based on your customer’s specific business and technical requirements, engagements are tailored using standardized migration blueprints, which are sub-processes designed around specific business and technical use cases. The existing fixed and custom offers will apply at GA including: Data Migration Architecture & Design, Data Migration Implementation and Custom Migration. (See the Service Offering Index for more details)
  • Unity Professional Services New fixed price and scope services are available: Installation, Implementation Assistance, Base Implementation, Base Plus Implementation, Software Implementation (FAST, Replication, Snapshots, Anti-Virus), Block/File Implementation Add-On (small/large hosts, shares/exports), and Custom Implementation Services. See the separate Sales Advantage article for Unity Services or the Service Offering Index for more details.
  • Unity Warranty and Support
    • Unity All-Flash and Hybrid configurations come with 3 year hardware Limited Warranty. Software comes with 90 day defective media replacement warranty. Enhanced and Premium Support options are available.
    • UnityVSA Professional Edition (1 year subscription based license) includes 1 year of Enhanced support.
  • New Unity 3rd party migration solutions through EMC Select are also available.
    • DataDobi for File: DobiMiner is purpose-built next-generation NAS migration software that helps businesses optimize their storage platform transition. DobiMiner helps customers align all phases of a technology transition from an initial assessment through final monitoring and reporting.



Email_signature_banner_700x175_SolutionsPathUniBesuchen Sie uns am 5. Avnet Thementag! An unserer ersten Ausgabe der Avnet SolutionsPath University am 2. Juni 2016 sehen Sie Lösungen nicht nur auf der Folie, sondern erleben diese LIVE!

Wir eilen täglich von einem Termin zum nächsten, dazwischen noch ein Meeting, kurz Mittagspause und weiter geht’s, Produktneuheiten aufarbeiten, technische Details zusammensuchen. Die Zeit ist knapp. Wünschen Sie sich da nicht auch manchmal, dass Sie alles solide zusammengefasst und auf den Punkt gebracht präsentiert bekommen? Genau da wollen wir Sie unterstützen.

In einem Tag erhalten Sie einen kompletten Überblick über die heissen Themen im Markt und haben zudem die Möglichkeit, das Programm mittels den Break-Out Sessions nach Ihrem Gusto zu gestalten. Besuchen Sie unsere Avnet SolutionsPath University und sehen Sie nicht nur die Lösungen von verschiedenen Herstellern, sondern erleben Sie diese LIVE an unseren Demopoints. Kompakter geht nicht.

Wir geben Ihnen anfänglich einen Gesamtüberblick und anschliessend erfahren Sie in gezielten Break-Out Sessions mehr Details zu brandaktuellen Themen, wie Smarter DataCenter (Converged, Hyperconverged), Software Defined Data Center, Business Analytics und vieles mehr. Ebenso haben wir für Sie die Möglichkeit eingerichtet, Einzelgespräche mit unseren Fachexperten und Herstellern zu führen.

Haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt? Den Flyer zur Avnet SolutionPath University finden Sie hier, oder melden Sie sich hier direkt an.

Wir freuen uns auf einen tollen Event und Ihre Teilnahme.

Ihr Avnet Team

The world’s most trusted protection storage is now software-defined with Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE). DD VE is simple to configure and deploy. Flexible licensing includes capacity, DD Boost, DD Replicator and DD Encryption.


With DD VE customers gain the benefits of the world’s most trusted protection storage and the simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of a software-defined solution.

  • SIMPLE: Quick and simple to deploy and can be up and running in minutes
  • FLEXIBLE: A single instance can scale from 0.5 – 16 TB and capacity can be expanded in 1 TB increments. So, customers can grow as they need. Capacity can also be deployed across multiple sites and easily moved between locations.
  • EFFICIENT: Maintains core Data Domain features such as variable-length deduplication and Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture. Plus, DD VE can run on standard hardware, allowing customers to leverage existing infrastructure.


  • Supported on VMware ESXi 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0
  • 0.5 TB Community Edition: Higher capacity paid version (upto 16TB)
  • NFS, CIFS and DD Boost protocols supported
  • Includes DD Boost, DD Replicator, and DD Encryption software
  • Multiple replication topologies: virtual to physical, physical to virtual, and virtual to virtual
  • VMware vSphere High Availability and Fault Tolerance support
  • Data Domain System Manager support for manageability
  • ELMS licensing enabled

EMC Partner News – EMEA

February 19th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in DPAD | EMC | ISILON | VxRail | XtremIO - (0 Comments)
VCE VxRail: A Quantum Leap in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
To capitalize on the growing CI market, EMC and VMware introduce the VCE VxRail Appliance—a new hyper converged infrastructure appliance that enables organizations to create IT certainty by eliminating complexity and collapsing cost structures.

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Data Lake 2.0 Is Here! Help Customers Expand the Data Lake with Newly Available Isilon Products
IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0, and Isilon CloudPools—which will expand your customers’ data lake to enterprise edge locations and the cloud while strengthening it at the core data center—are now generally available!.

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Why “Good Enough” is NOT Good Enough
Doing things as they’ve always been done—especially during today’s digital transformation—is not a successful strategy. As you enter prospect and customer storage discussions, be prepared with a pre-emptive talk track around why “good enough” is simply not good enough.

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Modernize Your Marketing Approach with New and Improved Marketing Academy Courses
Hone your current marketing skills and discover new ways to reach customers and prospects with the EMC Marketing Academy.

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Four Big Predictions for Big Data in 2016
In a new blog, Thore Rabe, Vice President EMC Isilon (EMEA), said: “Discussions are no longer focused on delivering efficiency and savings in the way large volumes of data are stored, but are also about piloting ways of extracting value from them with big data projects. We are now at a turning point for large scale analytics deployments in 2016”.

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EMEA Channel Predictions 2016 #2: There will be a war for talent in the IT partner ecosystem
As the pace of hybrid cloud deployments accelerates, and cloud technologies continue to mature, it will become increasingly important for channel organisations to have the right sales talent in place. Over the next few weeks Philippe Fossé will share his predictions for just what 2016 has in store for channel players and how they can look to drive growth.

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More VPLEX updates

January 20th, 2016 | Posted by Claude Belloni in EMC | VPLEX - (0 Comments)

New attractive pricing with VNX 5200 and 5400

Win small array business (SMB and ROBO accounts) with compelling value of VPLEX data mobility and continuous availability at a very new attractive pricing. Separate SA article.

“VPLEX saves the day” story

We recently got a service report from China. A faulty UPS at Shanxi People’s hospital forced one of the arrays to reboot. The customer logged this with EMC but was confident in their availability strategy! Sure enough VPLEX was mirroring the array to a second array so business went as if nothing happened! Yet another VPLEX saves the day story.

A customer from Kentucky reported they could save 360TB of mission critical data thanks to VPLEX mirroring

Please find the latest deck with these stories here. Here is a snapshot info graphic of these stories that we will go on social media:

VPLEX Saves the day

UNMAP support on XtremIO

VPLEX attach rate with XtremIO is on a rise. Customers pick XtremIO for their most mission critical workloads and VPLEX’s becomes a natural choice to provide continuous availability for those applications across mirrored arrays locally or over distance.  VPLEX engineering is aggressively adding new capabilities to allow more XtremIO data services go through VPLEX.

The newly added support for UNMAP allows VPLEX to free unused blocks from thin volumes provided by XtremIO arrays.  With this capability, you can now reduce the size of thin volumes when you move VMs or delete content from ESXI hosts and even within certain VMs. Engineering already started working on extending the UNMAP support to locally mirroring and Metro use cases.

MetroPoint (VPLEX Metro with RecoverPoint) scales big time

With GeoSynchrony 5.5 Patch 1, MetroPoint scales up to 4500 virtual volumes, something many of VPLEX largest customers have been asking for.

The MetroPoint configuration brings together VPLEX Metro and RecoverPoint to offer continuous availability across metro sites while protecting both the sites with a long distance DR site/copy