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Aktuelle IBM Power Promoübersicht für das Q3/14

July 31st, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Power Promotions | IBM Power Systems - (Comments Off on Aktuelle IBM Power Promoübersicht für das Q3/14)

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Promoübersicht IBM Power Q3


Aktuelle IBM Storage Promoübersicht für das Q3/14

July 31st, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Storage Promotions | IBM System Storage - (Comments Off on Aktuelle IBM Storage Promoübersicht für das Q3/14)

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Promoübersicht IBM Storage Q3


Announcement des V840 Model AC1 HW Refreshes

July 31st, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Flash & Highend Systems | IBM Storwize Family | IBM System Storage - (Comments Off on Announcement des V840 Model AC1 HW Refreshes)

IBM hat per 15. Juli den Nachfolger des FlashSystem Control Enclosure Model AC1 für die V840 Storage Systeme angekündigt. Dieser Hardware Refresh bringt massive Performance Verbesserung , massiv mehr Cache sowie weitere Möglichkeiten für Connectivity (Block based) und die Compression Acceleration Cards.

Einige Features in der Übersicht:

  • 2x mehr Overall-Performance
  • bis zu 2.5x Cache mit 32GB Standard und 64GB Optional
  • 50% mehr Fibre Channel und/oder iSCSI Anschlüssen
  • Integrierte HW-assisted Compression Acceleration Karten für Real-time Compression™ workload

Das neue Control Enclosure Model AC1 ist basierend auf den neuen 2145-DH8 SVC HW Nodes und ist verfügbar mit entweder 1 Jahr (9846-AC1) oder 3 Jahre (9848-AC1) Garantie mit 7x24h Support. Weitere Infos im Announcement Letter ZG14-0206


SVC CG8 Nodes per sofort withdrawn!

July 29th, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Storwize Family | IBM System Storage - (Comments Off on SVC CG8 Nodes per sofort withdrawn!)

Heute 29. Juli wurde das withdrawal announced und per sofortiger Wirkung die alten SAN Volume Controller (SVC) CG8 Nodes vom Markt zurück gezogen. Per sofort können also keine 2145-CG8 Nodes mehr bei IBM bestellt werden, das Replacement sind die bereits angekündigten 2145-DH8 Nodes.

Bitte überprüft die offenen Projekte, ob in Projekten noch die alten 2145-CG8 Nodes angeboten wurden und diese ggf. mit den DH8 Nodes ersetzen. Bitte ebenfalls beachten, dass mit den neuen DH8 Nodes der 7.3 Code pre-requisite ist.

Weitere Informationen zum withdrawal gibt es im Announcement Letter ZG14-0029.


IMPORTANT: Transition Plan for IBM Flex and PureFlex in AAS (eConfig)

July 18th, 2014 | Posted by Juri in News - (Comments Off on IMPORTANT: Transition Plan for IBM Flex and PureFlex in AAS (eConfig))

IMPORTANT: Transition Plan for Flex and PureFlex in AAS (eConfig)

Effective 15th of August, 2014, all x86 Flex Systems Compute Nodes are withdrawn in AAS. Therefore, last order date in AAS is 15th of August. Later, IBM will re-announce the x240 Flex Nodes in AAS. So please go through your list of x86 (non-hybrid) PureFlex opportunities and consider changing the configuration from CHW to HVEC.

This withdrawal announcement has no impact on the HVEC fulfilment and ordering systems. All x86 Flex nodes continue to be available in HVEC without disruption.

The reason for this withdrawal and reannouncement is the Lenovo transition. And, no responsibility is taken for the following information:
Lenovo will deliver x86 Flex and PureFlex solutions post acquisition via HVEC. IBM will deliver Power and Hybrid Flex and PureFlex System post acquisition via AAS. x240 nodes are the nodes most often used in hybrid solutions, therefore the reannouncement of the x240 nodes in AAS.

Details of the withdrawal announcement:


Apple and IBM Forge Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility

July 16th, 2014 | Posted by Juri in News - (Comments Off on Apple and IBM Forge Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility)

CUPERTINO, California and ARMONK, New York – 15 Jul 2014:

Apple® and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced an exclusive partnership that teams the market-leading strengths of each company to transform enterprise mobility through a new class of business apps—bringing IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone® and iPad®.

The landmark partnership aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry mobility challenges and spark true mobile-led business change—grounded in four core capabilities:

  • a new class of more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps, developed exclusively from the ground up, for iPhone and iPad;
  • unique IBM cloud services optimized for iOS, including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration;
  • new AppleCare® service and support offering tailored to the needs of the enterprise;  and
  • new packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.

The new IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions will be built in an exclusive collaboration that draws on the distinct strengths of each company: IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities, with the power of more than 100,000 IBM industry and domain consultants and software developers behind it, fused with Apple’s legendary consumer experience,  hardware and software integration and developer platform. The combination will create apps that can transform specific aspects of how businesses and employees work using iPhone and iPad, allowing companies to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction—faster and easier than ever before.

As part of the exclusive IBM MobileFirst for iOS agreement, IBM will also sell iPhones and iPads with the industry-specific solutions to business clients worldwide.

“iPhone and iPad are the best mobile devices in the world and have transformed the way people work with over 98 percent of the Fortune 500 and over 92 percent of the Global 500 using iOS devices in their business today,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “For the first time ever we’re putting IBM’s renowned big data analytics at iOS users’ fingertips, which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple. This is a radical step for enterprise and something that only Apple and IBM can deliver.”

“Mobility—combined with the phenomena of data and cloud—is transforming business and our industry in historic ways, allowing people to re-imagine work, industries and professions,” said Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and CEO. “This alliance with Apple will build on our momentum in bringing these innovations to our clients globally, and leverages IBM’s leadership in analytics, cloud, software and services. We are delighted to be teaming with Apple, whose innovations have transformed our lives in ways we take for granted, but can’t imagine living without. Our alliance will bring the same kind of transformation to the way people work, industries operate and companies perform.”

Apple and IBM’s shared vision for this partnership is to put in the hands of business professionals everywhere the unique capabilities of iPads and iPhones with a company’s knowledge, data, analytics and workflows. Specifically, the two companies are working together to deliver the essential elements of enterprise mobile solutions:

Mobile solutions that transform business: The companies will collaborate to build IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions—a new class of “made-for-business apps” targeting specific industry issues or opportunities in retail, healthcare, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications and insurance, among others, that will become available starting this fall and into 2015.

Mobile platform: The IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS will deliver the services required for an end-to-end enterprise capability, from analytics, workflow and cloud storage, to fleet-scale device management, security and integration. Enhanced mobile management includes a private app catalog, data and transaction security services, and productivity suite for all IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions. In addition to on-premise software solutions, all these services will be available on Bluemix—IBM’s development platform on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

Mobile service and support: AppleCare for Enterprise will provide IT departments and end users with 24/7 assistance from Apple’s award-winning customer support group, with on-site service delivered by IBM.

Packaged service offerings: IBM is introducing IBM MobileFirst Supply and Management for device supply, activation and management services for iPhone and iPad, with leasing options.

Announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June and available later this year, Apple’s iOS 8 is the biggest release since the launch of the App Store℠, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools to create amazing new apps. For enterprise, iOS 8 builds on the new IT model for a mobilized workforce by improving the way users are informed of how their devices are configured, managed or restricted, with expanded security, management and productivity features.

Apple designs Macs, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

IBM’s 5,000 mobile experts have been at the forefront of mobile enterprise innovation. IBM has secured more than 4,300 patents in mobile, social and security, that have been incorporated into IBM MobileFirst solutions that enable enterprise clients to radically streamline and accelerate mobile adoption, help organizations engage more people and capture new markets.

IBM has made a dozen acquisitions in security in the past decade, has more than 6,000 security researchers and developers in its 25 security labs worldwide that work on developing enterprise-class solutions.

IBM has also established the world’s deepest portfolio in Big Data and Analytics consulting and technology expertise based on experiences drawn from more than 40,000 data and analytics client engagements. This analytics portfolio spans research and development, solutions, software and hardware, and includes more than 15,000 analytics consultants, 4,000 analytics patents, 6,000 industry solution business partners, and 400 IBM mathematicians who are helping clients use big data to transform their organizations.

For more information regarding the new Apple and IBM solutions, please visit or

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit Apple’s PR website (, or call Apple’s Media Helpline at (408) 974-2042. For IBM, visit or call (914) 499-6435.


© 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Mac OS, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, AppleCare and App Store are trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Contact(s) information

Edward Barbini IBM
(914) 499-6565

Natalie Kerris
(408) 974-6877

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Courtesy: IBM

Cupertino, California — At Apple Inc’s headquarters in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, July 15, 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced a global strategic partnership to redefine the way work gets done by transforming the way businesses and employees use mobile technology through a new class of business apps that bring IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone and iPad. The new mobile business apps for iOS are targeted for specific business opportunities in industries including retail, healthcare, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications and insurance. [For more information: Lia Davis, IBM, 202.285.5333.] (Paul Sakuma/Feature Photo Service for IBM.)


IBM Power Systems Benchmark

July 9th, 2014 | Posted by Juri in IBM Power Systems - (Comments Off on IBM Power Systems Benchmark)

Es gibt einen weiteren Grund, weshalb IBM Hardware für Kunden von Oracle-Software von entscheidender Bedeutung ist: IBM Power System S824 hat neue exzellente Maßstäbe bei Verwendung von Oracle Siebel CRM gesetzt: Bei dieser Kombination besteht Unterstützung für gleichzeitig 50.000 Benutzer! Doch dies ist noch nicht alles: Bei der Leistung pro Kern werden branchenweit führende Ergebnisse erzielt, indem pro Datenbankserver pro Kern 8.333 Benutzer unterstützt werden können. Dies ist mehr als dreimal so viel, wie der größte Mitbewerber bieten kann.

Diese Tests erfolgten anhand des PSPP-Benchmark-Test-Kits (Siebel Platform Sizing and Performance Program) für Siebel CRM. Das Ziel bestand darin, einen Nachweis über die branchenweit führende Pro-Kern-Leistung der aktuellen Version des IBM POWER-Prozessors zu liefern. Hinterlassen Sie Eindruck bei Ihren Kunden und binden Sie diese Grafiken, in denen die Benchmarkergebnisse dargestellt sind, in Ihre POWER8-Präsentationen ein.


IBM Storwine Club vom 21. August

July 9th, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in Marketing & Events - (Comments Off on IBM Storwine Club vom 21. August)

Bald stehen nicht nur für viele die Sommerferien, sondern auch der nächste IBM Storwine Club vor der Haustüre.
Am 21. August findet der zweite Storwine Event in diesem Jahr statt.

Nachdem Avnet den ersten Storwine Club in Zürich gesponsort hat, wird nun der zweite Event durch unseren Mitbewerb in der Zentralschweiz durchgeführt.

Weitere Details und Anmeldung unten:
Thema: Success Story: ERP Migration mit dem IBM Flash System
Datum: Donnerstag, 21. August 2014, 16.00 – ca. 19.00 Uhr
Ort: Hotel des Balances, Weinmarkt, 6004 Luzern
Anmeldung: Anmeldung


HW withdrawal aller x86 Nodes aus AAS und Shift zum HVEC Channel

July 8th, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Power Systems - (Comments Off on HW withdrawal aller x86 Nodes aus AAS und Shift zum HVEC Channel)

PureFlex_CaptureAm 17. Juni hat IBM ein wichtiges HW withdrawal im Flex / PureFlex Bereich angekündigt!

Mit effective date vom 15. August werden alle x86 Compute Nodes aus dem AAS/eConfig Kanal ersatzlos entfernt und in den System x HVEC Kanal geshifted bzw. integriert. Nach dem 15. August ist es demnach nicht mehr möglich, Upgrades oder New Orders von x86 Nodes im AAS/eConfig Kanal mehr zu machen! IBM empfiehlt, solche Orders via System x Kanal zu konfigurieren.

Dieses HW withdrawal announcement betrifft alle x220, x222, x440 and x240 Nodes inklusive allen sub-Features und Options. Weitere Details und eine genaue Liste der withdrawn Features finden Sie im untenstehenden Withdrawal Announcement Letter ZG14-0170.


IBM Systems Technical University 2014

July 7th, 2014 | Posted by Dominik in IBM Power Systems | IBM System Storage - (Comments Off on IBM Systems Technical University 2014)

Die IBM Systems Technical Universities im 2014 stehen vor der Türe – bist Du dabei?

Seit dem 6. Juni ist die Registrierung für die beliebten IBM Systems Technical Universities offiziell eröffnet und gestartet. Die Universities finden dieses Jahr in Dublin für Storage/Pure/System x und in Budapest für IBM Power statt. Weitere Details zu den Universities und Termine unten.

IBM System x, PureSystems and System Storage Technical University
Datum: 13-17 Oktober 2014
Wo: Dublin, Ireland
Weitere Infos hier

IBM Power Systems Technical University
Datum: 20-24 Oktober 2014
Wo: Budapest, Ungarn
Weitere Infos hier