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IBM Storwize Family

Companies are spending too much money managing data growth. Designed for software-defined environments, the IBM Storwize family includes technologies that both complement and enhance virtual environments, as well as built-in functions such as Real-time Compression and Easy Tier technology that deliver extraordinary levels of efficiency. Available in a wide range of storage systems, the Storwize family delivers sophisticated capabilities that are easy to deploy, yet also help control costs for growing businesses.


Einige Highlights der Storwize Family:

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SVC-DH8SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is designed to deliver the benefits of storage virtualization to large enterprises, small businesses and midmarket companies. Weitere Informationen im Internet oder im Data Sheet.

StorwizeV7000Storwize V7000
These virtualized systems can simplify storage by consolidating workloads into a single storage system. Weitere Informationen im Internet oder im Data Sheet.

StorwizeV5000Storwize V5000
This highly flexible, easy-to-use, virtualized storage system provides high performance and advanced functionality for midsized organizations. Weitere Informationen im Internet oder im Data Sheet.

StorwizeV3700 Storwize V3700
This affordable, easy-to-use, self-optimizing disk system is designed for small and midsized organizations. Weitere Informationen im Internet oder im Data Sheet.