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We are excited to announce our new Quick Start Offering of Software-Defined-Storage with Dell Server & Red Hat Storage Solution.

It is the only SDS solution on the market that delivers all 4 critical capabilities in one:

o   Open-source; Means lowest cost of all other competitors (NO License costs) …. Extreme cost efficiency for an up to 70TB Storage Solution!

o   Unified Storage (object, block, file); most other storage products are block only, file only, object only, or file+block; block+object is very rare

o   Enterprise Class (Data Protection, Self-healing, Data efficiency, tiering, etc.)

o   Software-Defined; Different Hardware for different Workloads… customizable on Dell Hardware

Please check our Avnet offering until February 15, 2016: CH_Dell-RH_BundleCEPH_EN_V2

Order now at redhat.ch@avnet.com

Red Hat offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and agile software-defined storage solution that uses Dell hardware to simplify and scale storage infrastructures for physical, virtual, or cloud environments.